Personal Training Services

Best long term results come from creating a plan that takes what you want to achieve, your exercise and lifestyle history, current strength, mobility and conditioning capabilities and nutritional needs into account. It’s been my experience in working with clients that meeting in person for the initial session to go over these, as well as for you to get a feel for what to expect, is the best way to set you on your highest trajectory to your goals. 

One on One Personal Strength and Conditioning Training

Your program is structured, based on your goal and suited to your personal movement, strength, and conditioning needs. Every training package is developed in a cycle that contains a personally written program, designed with specificity and progression as principles. All programming is based on the newest and most effective research based information; gained from evidence based, leading sources in the field of strength, conditioning and movement. Program cycles generally last 4 to 6 weeks, however, this is highly dependent on the person and the goal. 

I believe that it is my role as a coach to impart both skills and education to you; so that you may continue on with confidence that you are practicing safe and effective training for years to come.

Below is a gallery of clients performing strength training exercises in studio.

Semi Private Training

Exactly the same service as above, only with the addition of sharing your session time with other clients in the studio. It’s a fun, budget effective way to train to achieve long term goals, under my watchful eye. The atmosphere is supportive and exciting; especially when personal records are set! As one of my clients said, “It is not circuit training. It’s just like doing one on one training with other people in the room.” 

Training session has a maximum of 5 clients per session

Pair and Trio Training

If you have a specific friend, family member, or partner that you would like to train with; I will create a special session time for you. All of the above is included in your package. Your program is always especially designed for you.

Individual Session Service

Perhaps you are happy with where you are at in your programming; but feel that you would benefit from instruction in a particular lift, core bracing strategy, or programming detail. Book an individual session with me, with your detail in mind and we can get you set in the right direction. 

A huge benefit to training as opposed to just working out, is that a properly planned training session will deliver an effect. It will elicit a change to the homeostasis of your body. That will result in you being one step closer to your intended goal. The accumulation of these effects overtime will produce profound and lasting changes. Training is an investment in yourself.