My Journey

Hi, I'm Carolyn!

I’ve learned in my experiences that the nature of change is dynamic. Personally, over the years, I’ve made many changes; and something of value has accompanied every one of them. Therefore, I view change as a process with no end; but many opportunities for growth. I am honored to serve my clients in their process of change in their lives, to help them to uncover their healthiest selves.

My journey to wellness has taken a shift in my own behaviors and thinking processes. I’ve transitioned from black and white, all or nothing thinking, and quick fix strategies to sustainable behaviors grounded in loving my body, myself, and my health instead of destroying them.

I did all the insane high intensity workouts, the 21 or 30 day fixes, magazine programs, popular exercise and weight lifting DVDs, running until I was a physical fraction of my former self. None of it made me feel complete or good. I would always find myself back looking for comfort in food binges. The exercise I was doing was not serving my body well. It wasn’t building strength, or adding muscle, and after a while it felt more like a prison sentence than an activity for my health. Sure I was “skinny”; but I now question why we, as women, think it’s a good goal to want to get as small in the world as possible.

Looking back at my old pictures now with a trained eye, it was obvious why I ended up with so much hip and leg tightness/ pain, shoulder and neck pain. I had added all this intense exercise on to a 40+ post-partum body. I had a very weak anterior core from not ever doing foundational strength training, and also carrying and birthing 3 girls. My hips were weak and unstable from running and then driving home those compensatory patterns by lifting weights improperly. My shoulders were unstable, and like the majority of gym goers I see exercising by themselves without a knowledge base; I took my regular posture and instability and built shoulder and neck pain.

Below is a synopsis of my own personal journey.

  1. Where it all started

    This was 6 months after my second daughter was born. My weight peaked at 210 pounds.

    I couldn't walk for the last month of her pregnancy, due to gaining too much weight in the previous and then this pregnancy. Pregnancy was a license to eat for three years and I didn't exercise.

    I didn't realize at the time how unhealthy I was - I just remember what a struggle it was to move.

  2. Trying all the things that made my health worse

    After my third daughter was born I decided to "whip myself into shape" I lost 80 pounds in a year. Running everyday, and doing every DVD on the market I could find. This was the start of the breakdown of my body.

    You can see my right shoulder was internally rotated. My pelvis was also rotated which caused sciatica pain in my hip and leg. Since I only worked from a few centres of my body, like most people who haven't been shown proper exercise posture, I began to look hunched over. It's a common posture that people who run excessively and don't balance with strength training, end up with.

Creating health span for today and the future!

I have worked over the years to create a strong foundation. I value my independence, my freedom, and being a role model for my girls. I want to live a long life, but more importantly in the decades to come I want to maintain function and quality of life so that I can continue to enjoy my family, travel, and keep up with them for decades to come!

I believe that we have the power to create whatever it is that we want for ourselves. Well programmed training results in a healthy, truly fit body that feels joyful to live in. The proficiency gained from training transfers to all other aspects of life, and is more meaningful than “losing x amount of pounds” The confidence gained from being able to change our physical bodies, learn new skills, also transforms the way we view ourselves. No matter what the challenge, it can be accomplished with a good plan and support.I’m passionate about assisting you with reclaiming your power to make those changes that you envision for yourself. There is just so much to be gained when we focus on taking care of ourselves, instead of tearing ourselves down.


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