Testimonials from our Personal Training Clients

Maggie, Outside the box clientFrom the first time I met Chris and Carolyn, I felt that my questions were being listened to. My initial assessment was thorough and identified areas that needed my attention. Carolyn outlined what she could offer in training and we began our relationship.

I am extremely satisfied with the personal training I have received. Carolyn is very attentive and meticulous in her instructions. I really appreciate that she does not let me give up if a particular movement is uncomfortable at the beginning. She works with me to build strength in different ways, so that I can complete the task. I appreciate the detail that Carolyn offers. Each movement is carefully orchestrated and observed. I love that this is "training" and not just exercise.

Maggi Sproule

Video Testimonials

Breanna lost 30 lbs and 3 dress sizes.

Wendy is in the best shape of her life.

Darcy, Outside the box clientCarolyn offers a personalized resistance training program with a focus on correct technique which helps to prevent future injury.

Darcy Enick-Garbutt

Deanna, Outside the box clientI like that it is so personalized. Carolyn will tweak things as she sees necessary. I love the changes I feel and see in myself.

Deanna Desjardins Logan

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Jenny, Outside the box clientWhen I started working out with Carolyn at Outside the Box Fitness, I was hoping to lose those last 10 pounds and, maybe, become more toned in the process. I had no idea the amount I was going to learn!!! Over the past year, Carolyn has helped me re-frame my outlook on my body, my fitness plan, and my eating habits. I now celebrate what my body can do (band assisted pull-ups, bench raised push-ups, 115 lbs back squats) thanks to my individual written workout routine that I enjoy, and I am eating to fuel these accomplishments!

AND, without even realizing it, I've lost weight and become more toned - but more importantly, Carolyn has helped me to understand that “(e)xercise is a celebration of what your body can do not a punishment for what you ate.” (Women’s Health UK, posted on Instagram - June 21, 2016).

Jenny Jones

Consult and signing up/booking process was very clear, efficient, and informative so far. First session will be today.

Corinne Hewko

They are not a one program fits everyone's needs. Your services are tailored to me and my needs, based on what my current fitness level, age, and goals are. Plus your facility is wonderful, so much nicer than any club I've been to. Thank you so much.

Tannis Foster

Excellent as always. Personal attention to concerns and willingness to vary workouts to adapt to concerns.

Denise Hemmings

Very good programs, knowledge based. Carolyn is determined to achieve results for each individual.

Jane Bereznicki

Carolyn is very knowledgeable and works very hard to provide a challenging program that is safe and doesn't risk injury. As well, time-wise she is very accommodating to individuals who have hectic and erratic work hours. She is always the ultimate professional.

Jacki Skoreyko

What I like most of all is Carolyn. Her attention to detail and passion for training is an excellent example for me.

Maureen Klapstein

The personalized programs and assistance.

Lorie Goudreau

The personalized attention and focus on functional strength.

Karen Germaine

Knowledgeable instruction, detailed attention to performing exercises/ movements correctly. Personalized one on one attention as required. Friendly reminders regarding attendance accountability keep me on track. Diet assessment and recommendations were very helpful- I probably should have done that a year ago- overall visible results.

Shelley Stevens

I look forward to every session with Carolyn. She is very patient and excellent at explaining and demonstrating each movement. I never thought I would look forward to going to an exercise class! I am very excited about Outside the Box Fitness...

Janice Wren

Excellent fitness training.

Silva Lusk

Personalized. This is the first time I had ever had an assessment to develop a program suited to my current ability. I appreciate the constant checking my form and correcting if needed.

Lois Hansen

Personalized and holistic attention.

Darcey Dachyshyn

The education you receive. Carolyn is truly amazing and so knowledgeable. Truly passionate about what she does.

Colleen Rissling

Carolyn is committed 100% of the time to perfecting form, and to giving positive feedback which results in great results. I am so thankful for what her workouts have done for me. I am living pain free, feeling good and it feels great to see some muscle on me too :) Thank you.

Nicole Pedde

The close attention I get from Carolyn. The variety of exercises. Carolyn's expertise. The on line booking system. Chris and Carolyn's quick responses to emails.

Angele Aubin

Very understanding and always willing to help.