What To Expect at Your Consultation

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Excellent results are not the outcome of randomly prepared workouts and haphazardly followed meal plans. Consistency and patience while following a well laid out, progressive plan paves the road to success. The consult is the first step to your success.

You will receive:

  • an action plan; based on your level of motivation, intended commitment of resources, movement and nutritional needs
  • clarification and dissemination of information. Sometimes the information that one has collected on a subject proves to be out dated, not grounded in fact, or not suitable to our particular situation. I work with you to help you to get what is accurate, understandable, and applicable to your needs and goals.
  • movement assessment to ascertain your natural mobility, as well as stability. I check your breathing strategies for improvement in mobility, as well as your ability to create core tension in movement.
  • check essential movement patterns- squat, hip hinge, split stance (unilateral stability) push up pattern.
  • assessment of motor control, range of motion, both passive and active. Note strength, muscle activation and compensatory patterns. Note biases towards flexion or extension.

These are all very important considerations when planning a program. It is essential to begin at the proper exercise regression and rep range to ensure motor control. This comes before strength, power production, speed, any other athletic endeavors or muscle growth.

I have a specially priced package available for first time clients to help you to achieve success.

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