My Personal Training Qualifications

Personal Training is an investment in your health. It is a service that requires a base of both knowledge and experience. Great results come from following a personalized program that is specifically designed for you. It must be grounded in both a scientific approach, as well as focused on how to help you as an individual, change habits to succeed.

As an effective trainer, I possess the knowledge base to employ the principles necessary to help you to gain strength and to change your body composition. I use an evidence based approach founded in both solid professional research, as well as years of experience working with clients as well as my own lifting career. I also have the personal communication skills to help you to find what’s both important to you, and necessary to make lasting change.

Educational History

University of Alberta Psychology degree, plus time spent in field of social work

Red and Blue Seal in cooking from N.A.I.T

12 years Chef experience in field

Ongoing Training and Certifications

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) certified: Certification granted by musculoskeletal expert Dr. Andreo Spina. It is a comprehensive joint training system that is based on scientific principles and research. The system is used to help you to gain mobility, joint strength and integrity, and body control. It offers a bullet proof solution for your joints to move safely and efficiently. Winter 2017, Calgary, Alberta.

Pelvic Floor Restore: The Physio Detective, hosted by Cura Physiotherapies. Spring 2016. Pelvic floor integration. Covered anatomy, pelvic floor pro lapse, diastasis recti, bracing strategies for lifting in women recovering from pelvic floor and core issues.

Certified Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach: Winter 2016 Recognized as one of the top Sports and Exercise Nutrition Systems in the world. Based in research and on scientific principles. Educational and behavioral tools are implemented to maintain long term change.

Complete Hip Training and Conditioning, Dean Somerset: Spring 2015, Edmonton, 1 full day workshop. The anatomy of hip and related structures. Assessing hip joint angles (angles of inclinations/retro-ante version of acetabulum) and how it relates to individual lifting mechanics. Hip extension torque angles in all lower body exercises. Assessing hip and SI joint motion, and the role of the core in hip motion. Corrective strategies- when to use mobility vs stability, progression of exercises. Specific skills- hip hinge and squat progressions, frontal plane movements, rotations. Breathing mechanics in direct relation to PNS/CNS and mobility. Continuum of active mobility (isolative to integrative) to strength and conditioning (inclusive of speed and power).

Advanced Core Training, Dean Somerset: Winter 2015, Manhattan, New York, 2 full day workshop. The how and why of core training. How to produce a strong and resilient core. Covered entire core training continuum from reflexive inner core and appropriate breathing mechanics integration to core brace, to Valsalva maneuvers for heavy lifting. Also covered core involvement in speed and power development; as well as reactive neuromuscular training for stability development (for spinal stiffness/control during speed and power development).

Post Rehab Essentials and Lifting Mechanics, Dean Somerset and Tony Gentilcore: Fall 2014, Edmonton 2 full day workshop. Assessments and program design suited to the post rehab client. Concepts of injury. How to assess for mobility requirement vs stability. Progression levels to increase robustness of spine and force generation (power). Proper exercise technique for major lifts plus regression and progression exercises. Concept of stability/ mobility through kinetic chain. Functional anatomy of shoulder/t-spine complex. Hip, knee, and spine functional anatomy. Core functional anatomy and function. Torque in exercise selection and how it relates specifically to back pain. Technique for deadlift and back squat- regressions/ progressions.

Mobility and Myofascial Release, Dean Somerset: Spring 2013, Calgary, AB 2 full day workshop. Covered flexion/extension bias, screening for natural mobility, program design to increase mobility, breathing mechanics and stability for improved performance, explosive strength, resolving pain (post rehab in scope) and preventing injury.

Spinal Health and Core Training Online Seminar: Winter 2013, 12 hrs. Focus on assessment, functional anatomy of spine and lumbo-pelvic control. Inner/outer core anatomy and function. Other elements include role of fascia, bracing mechanisms for lifting, gaining stability

Can Fit Pro Personal Training Specialist -Certified Since 2010/ Yoga Fit Level 1- 2012/ Core Cycling- 2012

Education Plans for the Future

Completing the CPPS Certification. Fundamentals in Strength Training and Performance. Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach. I am and have been committed to staying on top of what is current in research in the strength, conditioning, and movement field. Every year I add at least 1 workshop, course, or certification to my resume.

Personal Fitness

I’m not a fan of the term “fitness” as it is a catch all term that is too broad to convey meaning. I believe in balance; that is keeping a good level of cardiovascular fitness by doing the necessary aerobic work, regular strength work, and hypertrophy work to maintain a good amount of muscle mass for a well-functioning metabolism. My current strength maximums are back squat- 175, deadlift- 255, and bench press- 125 pounds. I can also complete 20, chest to the floor push ups and 5 full chin ups.

I believe that strength work is corrective, and it is the answer to keeping movement good, long term; as well as joint, and tissue health. A program balanced with strength, body composition, and general health in mind is one that will keep a person well for their lifetime.