Nutritional Coaching

I am a certified Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition, North America’s leader in the field of nutritional coaching for sport, exercise, and body composition (fat loss and/or muscle gain).

The approach is a habit based, behavioral one; that coaches skill acquisition to maintain the habits that result in better health, body composition, and performance.

Programs that give diets or meal plans encourage the “off and on mentality”. It is precisely this black and white view of eating that leads to over restriction; which, in the long term causes a poorer health profile and weight gain. It is psychologically unsustainable.

Long term sustainable changes must work with your lifestyle. The meals must be delicious, nutritious, budget friendly, easy and quick to prepare.

One of the greatest limiting factors to success are lack of skills. This is primarily addressed in my program by:

  • planned grocery trips and learning which items to choose
  • knowledge about storing and preparing food
  • eating for satisfaction. A hungry person is not a satisfied person.
  • tuning in to hunger and appetite cues
  • how to avoid problem foods. How to make better choices when outside the home.
  • real life lessons in cooking for both health and enjoyment. I bring an award winning culinary history to my business; having spent 12 years in various Chef positions. I pass these skills on to you.

All of these build success through my approach of habit- based coaching.

You and I build success in two week blocks. We spend time together working through lessons and helping you to build self-accountability, until you have the foundation of behaviors set in place to ensure your continued success.

Within a 12-week block, we address:

  • food behaviors (timing, frequency, food amounts and types)
  • attitudes towards food and meal preparation
  • stress management and how it relates to food choices
  • rest, recovery, sleep, exercise, and how they relate to food consumption and overall health
  • outlook. Helping you to cultivate a mindset of success.

12 week coaching, including initial consult and 8 skill building and follow up sessions.

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