Nutritional Coaching FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions in regards to my nutrition coaching:

Do You Give Meal Plans?

No. Experience shows that following meal plans does not allow the client to instill the basic, but highly effective lifestyle habits that are necessary to create positive change long term. When meal plans are given and followed, it doesn’t encourage clients to create practices that work for them. They are usually too rigid to fit into the uniqueness of a person’s schedule. They also have a “one size fits all” mentality that does not take into consideration an individual’s meal planning and preparation skill level. They also match a short-term fix to a long- term situation.

How Do I Know What To Eat Then?

There are 5 critical habits that are employed in a healthy lifestyle. These are rooted in the way a person lives. This requires gaining new skills, as well as engaging in practices of behavioral change psychology. Overtime, these practices will naturally reveal the outcome of practice, in better health, fat loss, and improved performance. An attained goal(s) is merely evidence of an accumulation of practices done overtime, that are specific to the achievement of said goal(s). In a client-centered relationship, such as this one, the client is guided to choose the behaviors and foods that best suit their lifestyle, and that fall in line with what they value and prioritize.

How Does This Work?

We work together, through the series of habits, which are both solid and flexible, and that pave the way to a lifestyle of healthy eating and movement. These habits are tailored to suit individual preferences, priorities, belief systems, and schedules. Throughout the program, the client develops an “Owner’s Manual” for themselves. In doing the lessons and practicing the habits, life naturally evolves to better suit the goal(s) wanting to be achieved.

Can You Explain the Habits a Bit More?

Certainly. I believe that there are no shortcuts or short-term fixes to long standing lifestyle practices. It took a while to develop how you currently do things, therefore, its going to take some time as well as learning to do things differently, to change. That’s rational. There is a system to achieving this, which involves looking at what you want to achieve, and breaking it down into specific skills. These skills are then practiced daily through habits. The habits build onto each other, in a seem less way so as not to cause you to want to feel overwhelmed and to quit.

Like anything else in life, changing lifestyle means doing things differently. That requires both learning new concepts as well as putting them into practice. The two biggest factors are cultivating the habits of eating slowly and eating only until satisfied. These two habits take time to instill, so they are reintroduced throughout the program. Other habits will set you up to plan and prepare meals with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats for you. You learn and incorporate a new way of eating that fits into your life. There are many other important habits to acquire- from good sleep practices to exercise, which will leave you feeling in complete control and accomplished.